Gnocchetti tricolore

Tricolore Pasta

Italian Regional Specialty

Gnocchetti tricolore are a pasta shape from Sardinia. They are made with simple ingredients as durum wheat flour and water. Their shape reminds of small striped shells, perfect to capture dressings.

In Sardinia, gnocchetti are a traditional dish that is eaten both during important events, like village celebrations or weddings, or home, sharing them with family or friends.

Food pairing

Emphasize the taste of tricolore pasta with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and mixed vegetables to enhance the flavor of every single ingredient of gnocchetti pasta.


Durum wheat semolina, water, dehydrated spinach, dehydrated chili pepper

Did you know

They can be called Malloreddus or Little Sardinian gnocchi as well. They were created hundreds of years ago and they used to be homemade by the women of the island. To get the characteristic shape Sardinians traditionally hand-rolled the pieces of dough on a round reed basket. They come in 3 colors, all from natural ingredients with no artificial colouring!

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