A journey through
the flavours of Italy

Where it starts

Italy is synonym with gastronomical delights, richness in art and history, stunning landscapes. The distinctive character of each region is reflected in the uniqueness of Italian cuisine, with its mosaic of traditional specialties with a story. Twenty regions to be discovered through their delicious, countless traditional must-eat foods.


The richness of regional culinary traditions is deeply rooted in the Italian culture, with recipes often passed down between generations and cherished for their authentic origins. Our selection of mouth-watering products, prepared according to authentic regional recipes, will lead you on a gastronomic journey through the true flavours of Italy!

Wholesome ingredients

We believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Italian cuisine privileges dishes made with simple ingredients, but of high quality. Likewise, we select high quality local ingredients to recreate best-known flavours following the original recipes, for a real Italian gourmet experience.

We select only the highest quality
We respect the naturalness of the ingredients
We use raw materials without GMOs
We value regional specialties
We celebrate traditional flavors
We follow carefully every stage of production

Our Specialties

Explore Italy with our delicious range of traditional regional excellences and let yourself be carried away in the Italian landscape, having fun recreating easy recipes at home, to share or to enjoy alone for a true dolce vita moment.


Be inspired by our specialties and try our traditional Italian recipes for your next meal. You will find lots of ideas and pairings to better enjoy Italian cuisine.

Fusilli with pumpkin, mushrooms and sausage
Capture the sweet flavors of autumn in an easy recipe
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