Olive leccine

"Leccine" Olives

in olive oil

Atlante “Leccine” olives, after being harvested, are made less bitter through a natural process with water and salt for several months. Once ready, the olives are pitted, blanched in water and vinegar, placed in glass jars and preserved in olive oil.

Food pairing

Atlante “Leccine” olives are a perfect ingredient for an Italian aperitif, they are excellent served together with cold dishes, appetizers and grilled vegetables.


“leccine” pitted olives 51%, olive oil 45%, wine vinegar, salt.

Did you know

Olives have a peculiarity that not many people know, they are one of the few foods which have all the four fundamental flavors: sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Moreover, they are an excellent ingredient because they stimulate the appetite and favor digestion.

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