Italian Ground Coffee

Palermo Taste

70% Arabica 30% Robusta

Atlante's Palermo coffee is characterized by a fine blend of Robusta and Arabica with an intense taste and a scent of nougat, toasted bread and cocoa, perfect to prepare a delicious cappuccino.

Food pairing

Palermo coffee is perfect to prepare not only an espresso, but also a fantastic cappuccino, for a typical Italian breakfast. Try it together with Atlante's milk chocolate Napolitains and enjoy a tasty moment of sweetness to start your day.


30% Arabica, 70% Robusta

Did you know

Coffee with added milk remains hot for longer. Adding milk to coffee reduces the temperature difference between the hot beverage and the surrounding environment, decreasing in this way the cooling speed. Therefore, if you want to consume coffee quietly, it is advisable to add at least a drop of milk, so that the beverage stays hot for longer.

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