with spinach

Italian flavoured pasta

Galletti are a peculiar kind of pasta, indeed they have a sort of “crest” that is perfect to capture dressings. Belonging to Liguria’s tradition, in our version with spinach flavor they have a soft aroma, that fits well with a great variety of ingredients, and an original green color.

Food pairing

Galletti with spinach have a delicate flavor that fits well with many combinations of ingredients. We advice you to try them with our truffle sauce, as it matches perfectly with the aroma of spinach, giving life to a tasty and delicious dish.


Durum wheat semolina, dehydrated spinach (2%). Contains: wheat. May contain: eggs, cuttlefish ink, soy.

Did you know

The name of the Galletti derives from the word rooster! This pasta format is in fact a maccherone that in addition has a wavy "crest", which together with the hollow shape is perfect to capture even the most liquid sauces.

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