with cuttlefish ink

Italian Flavoured Pasta

Maccheroni are a pasta format that is widely spread in Italy and worldwide. The Cuttlefish ink aroma gives to this dish a delicate but still unique flavor, that perfectly matches with fish meals, and a black elegant color, ideal for the composition of refined dishes.

Food pairing

Pasta with cuttlefish ink usually goes well with fish sauces, according to the tradition. By simply adding Atlante’s pescatora sauce, you will get in a very short time a dish that encloses the Mediterranean sea flavor!


Durum wheat semolina, cuttlefish ink (2%). Contains: wheat, cuttlefish ink. May contain: eggs, soy.

Did you know

Cuttlefish ink is a very powerful natural dye: indeed, in the past it was used as ink to write. Today, it is used to create elegant and different dishes, like our macaroni!

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