Traditional pasta

Italian Regional Specialty

This pasta shape is typical of Apulia and it is well known and loved in the whole world. Orecchiette’s typical round shape and roughness make them ideal to be cooked with many different ingredients.

Food pairing

Orecchiette are usually seasoned with turnip tops sauce, but you can also try new combinations like arrabbiata sauce, to enhance the peculiar flavor of durum wheat semolina pasta.


Durum wheat semolina, water

The Italian name literally means “small ears”, as orecchiette have a unique domed shape, smooth on the inside and groove on the outside. In the local Apuglia dialect they are also called "L strasc'nat", which we can translate as “the pulled”: the explication behind this name is that to get their peculiar shape, orecchiette are rubbed and turned on the cooking table.

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