Giant Speciality

Drum wheat semolino pasta

Paccheri are a pasta shape from Campania. Thanks to their elongated and hollow shape, they can be filled. They are delicious both with traditional dressings or creative ones, to get a beautiful plating. Thanks to their shape, paccheri can be placed both horizontally and vertically and be filled with the ingredients you prefer, creating colorful and original compositions…Set your fantasy free!

Food pairing

Stuffed paccheri are a specialty rich in taste: we recommend trying them filled with a cream made with  tomatoes and ricotta. Plate them vertically to surprise your guests!


Durum wheat semolina, water. All the ingredients are of Italian origins.
It may contain traces of squid.

Did you know

The origin of the name Pacchero is the word "pacca" (that means pat): indeed, the loud noise that this giant pasta shape makes falling on the plate is similar to the one of a pat. In Naples, this pasta shape is also commonly called "schiaffoni", which means “slap”.

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