Traditional pasta

Italian Regional Specialty

Trofie are an authentic Ligurian pasta type, belonging to the regional tradition. They are known worldwide thanks to their shape and taste. According to tradition, they were eaten even during crusades times. The simple dough and the elongated and woven shape make of Trofie the perfect pair of the classic Genoese Pesto, a very popular Ligurian sauce.

Food pairing

The most known dish featuring trofie is surely “Trofie with Genoese Pesto”, but this pasta shape can be dressed in many more ways: for example, you can simply add some fresh tomatoes to your pesto.


Durum wheat semolina, water

Did you know

Typical from the region Liguria, located in northern Italy, trofie is a short, thin, twisted pasta. The name’s origin is not certain, it is possible that it comes from the dialect verb "strufuggiâ", which means “to rub”, a part of the pasta’s method of preparation.

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