Giant speciality

Drum wheat semolino pasta

Atlante fusilloni are full-bodied and larger than the classic fusilli. Thanks to their shape and size, they adapt perfectly to several dishes of the Italian culinary tradition. Its helical shape makes this pasta the ideal pair of sauces, as the fusillone "captures" them among its curls, so that each bite is tasty.

Food pairing

Try our fusilloni with vegetables sauce (in Italian it is called “ortolana”): it is a healthy and tasty dish that can be enjoyed both hot or cold: it is excellent as fresh summer lunch. Fusilloni are perfect pan-roasted with vegetables, as thanks to their shape they do not lose consistency


Durum wheat semolina, water. All the ingredients are of Italian origins. It may contain traces of squid.

Did you know...

Fusilloni, like fusilli, owe their name to the word "fuso", that means spindle in Italian. The spindle was a tool used during spinning to transform the wool in yarn. The traditional instrument used to prepare fusilli was a sort of spindle: pasta was wrapped around it to give to the fusillo its typical shape

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