Artichokes and parmesan

Salsa tradizionale

Atlante artichokes and parmesan sauce is made with top quality raw materials and a preparation that follows the Italian tradition. With an intense and delicious taste, this sauce will bring to the table the authentic Italian flavours and all the taste of a classic and irresistible match, the one between artichokes and Parmesan cheese.

Food pairing

Artichokes and Parmesan sauce is perfect as a sauce for pasta, but also to make a delicious bruschetta to be served during an aperitif.


Artichokes 43%, sunflower seeds oil, cream 18%, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP cheese (milk) 4%, onion, salt, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, pepper, citric acid. May contain: eggs, crustacean shellfish, fish, tree nuts, soy.

Did you know

Artichokes are not only a delicious ingredient, but they also have many beneficial properties for the organism, in particular they have depurative and tonifying properties. For this reason, they are very appreciated as an ingredient for cooking, but they are also used as a medicinal plant in herbal medicine.

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