Green Pesto

Traditional Italian Sauce

With basil, garlic and nuts

Genoese Pesto is a traditional dressing from Liguria, specifically from Genoa. It is a delicious sauce made with Italian basil combined with a strong note of garlic and pine nuts. Thanks to its intense green colour and fresh aroma, it is surely one of the most loved Italian sauces.

Food pairing

Green Pesto’s classic pasta pair is surely Trofie, for a 100% Genoese dish


Sunflower seed oil 50%, Italian basil 36%, cashews 11%, salt, sheep cheese (sheep milk, salt, rennet) 0,6%, pine nuts 0,1%, garlic, antioxidant: ascorbic acid; acidity regulator: citric acid. Contains: milk, tree nuts. May contain: eggs, crustacean, shellfish, fish, soy.

Did you know

This sauce takes its name from the verb “pestare”, to step on: it comes from the traditional Pesto’s method of preparation, which used to be made in a mortar, pressing together all the ingredients.

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