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Prosecco DOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin) is a white sparkling wine with fine and persistent bubbles. It is made with the Glera grape from the rolling hills of Veneto: the land of bubbles!

Pale yellow colour, rightly evanescent with a fine perlage. Persistent fresh flavour of white flowers and green apple. Velvety palate, well-balanced.

Alcohol content: 11% vol.

Allergens: Contains sulphites

Serving temperature: 6-°C-8°C

Food pairing

Its freshness and velvety palate makes it ideal to drink at any time. Prosecco pairs wonderfully with everything from aperitivi finger foods, fish-based courses especially together with some crudité, but also to indulgent desserts. It is also a mixer in many of Italy's most iconic cocktails as Spritz.

Did you know

Prosecco DOC has become one of the most beloved sparkling wines in the world, with longer-lasting bubbles. A fun fact that you might do not know is that there is a town called Prosecco and that’s where the making of it first began, of course. Prosecco means “path through the woods,” according to Food & Wine.

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