Maize Pasta

Gluten Free

Atlante maize pasta is made with highly digestible and gluten free maize flour: that’s why it’s tasty and light at the same time!

Made in a dedicated gluten free environment in the South of Italy, maize pasta is a long release source of energy. Indeed, it’s perfect not only for who’s gluten intolerant, but also for those who practice sports, or simply love to keep an healthy lifestyle. In fact, it supports the metabolic effort, both in the race and in training.

Our maize pasta is made in Italy and gluten free, OGM free and without food colouring!

Food pairing

Penne are a great classic of Italian tradition: their hollow shape is perfect to capture sauces and dressings, so that each bite is rich in taste! We advice you to try them simply with a bit of pesto: a dish easy to make but delightful!


Maize flour 99.5%, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides or fatty acids 0.5%

Did you know

Penne were born in 1865, when it was invented a machine that was able to cut pasta diagonally. The name was chosen taking inspiration from fountain pens (in Italian “penna stilografica”), as their end reminds the one of the penne pasta!

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